Temporary Staffing

Whether you’re looking to maintain steady personnel with the flexibility to adjust staffing levels according to day-to-day requirements, or simply deal with the challenges of high turnover or scarcity of qualified workers, our dedicated customer care & recruitment specialists can help you find the right candidates for your company.


Finding an individual with the technical qualifications that meet your new position can feel impossible. With the sparse amount of technical specialists looking for work today, there needs to be a solution. Lamid Technologies connects the two worlds of employers and job seekers, providing you with the employee or consultant you need to meet upcoming deadlines or start that dream project.


From classic to cutting-edge, Lamid has been re-defining recruitment since 2004. With a vision of an entrepreneurial community, Lamid pivoted their focus on those individuals who make it happen – the Recruiters. By offering the proper support and training, our recruiters know what it takes to not only fill a position, but to find the candidate that was meant for it.

Lamid will make everything seem easier!

“Although I haven’t done much contracting, my experience with your company is hands down the best ever.”   T.B.

With our extensive list of affiliates and partnerships around the globe, Lamid has the resources to supply you or your company with a hiring process you only dream about. Simple and stress-free, our process has been made with the hiring company in mind.

And if you’re looking for a team to support your new business, you’ve come to the right place. The Lamid team is here to help facilitate your business. Our team knows what it takes to get you to your vision.

Our company mission is to provide companies and job seekers a positive experience unique to the classic staffing agency model. We don’t do it like everyone else, and that’s what makes us progressive.
What makes us different? Our extensive knowledge in the recruitment industry, our cutting-edge model, and our vision of an entrepreneurial community to give recruiters personal freedom and control over their career – that is the Lamid advantage.
This is where the magic begins! Being immersed in the industry for years, our team of trained professionals at Lamid know what it takes to thrive in the recruitment industry. Fill positions on time, and on scope – or find your dream career today while working with our specialists.